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Becker College T Shirts

becker college t shirts

becker college t shirts - Net Prospect:

Net Prospect: The Courting Process of Women's College Basketball Recruiting

Net Prospect: The Courting Process of Women's College Basketball Recruiting

Net Prospect provides an analysis of women's basketball recruiting from those who know it best. From the high school athlete and her family, to her high school and/or AAU coaches, to the college coach, to recruiting, rankings and evaluation experts, Net Prospect offers every perspective on the recruiting process in women's basketball. These "experts" reflect on how the recruiting game is played, rules and who really knows them, and how to successfully navigate the rocky waters of the process. Girls who want to play college basketball, as well as their families and current school and club coaches, need to read Net Prospect. In addition, college coaches will benefit from reading the perspectives of those they are trying to recruit.

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Becker College design students, David Denton, Jonathon Roman, Melissa Smith, Lauren Fiscus, Derek Marcus, and others checked in, registered for classes and moved into their dorms on the snowiest day of the year. Instead of hitting their computers or retiring for the evening, they created the “SNOWBOT” just outside of the Hawks' Nest for all to enjoy.

Becker College Class of 2011

Becker College Class of 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011 -- Governor Patrick delivers the Becker College Class of 2011 commencement address.

(Photo credit: Matt Bennett/Governor's Office)

becker college t shirts

becker college t shirts

You're the Chef Cookbook: From the Award-Winning Series

Chef Paul took the lead in compiling the book, which is filled with recipes for a variety of entrees, appetizers and desserts, and cooking tips that answer common questions. The book's many photo illustrations include behind-the-scenes looks at the seven seasons of the award-winning series, produced by Penn College and WVIA Public Broadcasting in the college's School of Hospitality facilities. The "You're the Chef" cookbook is dedicated to William C. Butler, who served as dean of the School of Hospitality from 1994 until his death in 2002.

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